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Finding the Best Canadian Made Down Jackets

Finding the Best Canadian Made Down Jackets

The Benefits of Canadian Made Down Jackets

Down jackets in Canada are popular choices because they are extremely versatile and effective at combating all types of potential winter conditions. The use of both goose and duck down in winter jackets remains the most widely used and efficient materials in terms of warmth, weight and compression. Down offers an exceptional insulation to weight ratio which makes it possible to construct winter jackets and parkas that are warm yet relatively light. 

Canadian winters are typically long, relentless, unpredictable and often bitter. Weather conditions can vary greatly and often includes exposure to elements such as extreme cold, unforgiving wind, rain, heavy snow and even ice pellets. In some areas of Canada, temperatures can dip as low as 55 degrees below zero. The exposure to these extreme and volatile weather conditions makes it necessary for many Canadians to invest in a high-quality winter jacket that provides excellent protection and warmth. A great Canadian made down jacket will allow you to effectively withstand these conditions and also enjoy any potential winter activities. 

Everyone approaches winter in a different way. Some people embrace winter and all it has to offer by getting outside as much as possible. Other people avoid going outside until it is absolutely necessary. Regardless of how you feel about winter, a premium luxury winter jacket is an essential investment that should provide many years of enjoyment. 

Buying Canadian Made with Confidence

Choosing to purchase a Canadian made down jacket or parka is an excellent investment. The best Canadian down jacket brands offer exceptional products that include limited lifetime warranties against defects in materials and workmanship. This provides peace of mind that your investment will continue to look good and last a very long time. There is also a sense of pride and community that comes from buying local products and supporting local businesses. 

Arctic Bay is a proudly Canadian down jacket company, with a deep Canadian heritage and a dedication to providing products for the entire family that are 100% manufactured in Canada at either of their Toronto or Winnipeg factories. With an eye to the heritage of Canada, many of the technical features of men’s and women’s jackets by Artic Bay, are inspired by the Inuit people of Canada and the unique methods they have used for generations to thrive in brutal winter conditions. This historical influence is evident through the use of premium materials such as Canadian coyote fur and beaver trims as well as leather accents on a range of jackets and parkas designed for the entire family. 

A Marriage of High Fashion and Function

All Arctic Bay products are designed to offer the ultimate in warmth and protection while also being timelessly fashionable and elegant. Extensive attention to detail and unique styling characteristics creates a look that is both classic and modern. Your warmth and comfort are assured through the use of 725 down power fill and light weight construction for every jacket and parka. Arctic Bay proves the theory that quality materials translate to quality warmth that will withstand the test of time. 

Discover all of the benefits offered by the best Canadian made down jackets today and take advantage of Arctic Bay’s free shipping anywhere in Canada and the US. 

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